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lower abdominal pain urinary frequency

Top 9 Prostate Cancer Symptoms

the prostate cancer symptoms is usually only showing in the pathological examination.there are top 9 prostate cancer symptoms as belows:

1.bladder outlet obstruction symptoms
It’s almost the same with benign prostatic hyperplasia,with frequent urination, each little urine, increased, in particular, nocturia increased significantly.Resulting in frequent urination during the day.then the urine flow occurs slowly, slow urination urgency, urinary flow interruption,urinating difficulties.

There are some difference about the symptoms,the symptoms caused by prostate cancer with continuous development, and benign prostatic hyperplasia is a relatively slow onset of symptoms.

Hematuria is generally not common. , hematuria occurrence frequency is less than benign prostatic hyperplasia. because the incidence is generally located in the prostate peripheral zone.

3.urinary incontinence
urinary incontinence ,maybe caused by filling ,violations of membranous urethra, or urethral sphincter dysfunction etc

4.Urinary tract irritation
The common symptoms of prostate cancer patients is urinary frequency, dysuria, and hematuria,which is similar to urinary tract infections and prostatitis ,and needs to identify.

5.Symptoms of distant metastasis
The first symptoms for about 1 / 3 of patients is not a urinary tract obstruction,but local proliferation and metastasis.only advanced cancer was in violation of the urethra around the glands, with symptoms of bladder outlet obstruction.Similarly, the forefront of adenocarcinoma to spread outside the prostate capsule is later.When the tumor invade the capsule and the surrounding nerves, peripheral lymphoid, causing local pain, with the further spread of cancer, pain will be radioactive along the sciatic nerve.

6.Symptoms of upper urinary tract obstruction
Local spread of prostate cancer and to the abdominal para-aortic lymph node metastasis, respectively causing a position outside the bladder and upper ureteral obstruction, kidney water. the cancer violation of bilateral, can lead to bilateral hydronephrosis, even can lead to renal insufficiency. Clinical manifestations is low back pain, oliguria or anuria.

Dyschezia,colonic obstruction and other symptoms.

Late period, bone pain can occur. A typical part is the Ministry of lumbar and pelvis can be expressed as persistent pain, the pain is more intense when in bed; with the cancer violation of joints, joint pain can occur, after the event increased, joint pain reduce the fixed time. Therefore, patients prefer to maintain a fixed position to reduce the pain caused by the activity.

9.Other symptoms of metastatic disease
Common symptoms are under the gum edema, lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, subcutaneous metastatic nodules, pathologic fractures, paraplegia, and the emotional brain metastases from neurological dysfunction.

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