March 8, 2011 | Abdomen Pain - Abdominal Discomfort, Cramps, Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea

2011 March 08

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Why do I get deathly ill after taking medications?

From day one of childhood til now age 40 plus, I get deathly sick after taking any medications. I experience extreme nausia, headache, stomach ache, severe dizziness to the point of passing out. I have eat ice, plus put ice on my head, neck and stomach, and hot pack on my feet just to keep from passing out. All medications do this. I also cant drink alcohol or eat cashews without this same effect. I had chronic ear and sinus infections with brain fog as a child and adult, but other than that I was considered “fine”. I do get motion sickness very easily. I avoid all medications just to avoid this sick feeling. Recently i injured my hand and the doctor prescribed a mild pain medication. I almost passed out two hours later. I cant go back to work without the use of my hand. Any advice?

You have adverse reactions to all meds. You could be allergic. Your Dr. is aware? I would assure he or she knows and follows up on this.

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It burns when I pee it hurts to insert a tampon it hurts to have sex or foreplay whats wrong with me?

It burns when I pee and sometimes after I do. It hurts to insert a tampon, but this pain is something new. It hurts to have intercourse, my first time wasn’t in the most “clean” environment, I bled way to much, and I got a bad bladder infection and I peed blood for a couple of days. Got treatment. Went away. But still hurt to have intercourse. And hurt if he did foreplay. Sorry don’t like using the “technical terms”. If I wear pants to tight, or if I sit weird, my vagina burns and is irritated. When I go to the bathroom, and go number 2 if I push or squeeze, it hurts in the abdominal area and sometimes makes me feel like i have to gaag. I don’t want to talk to my mom, she scares me lol. Im 16 and I’ve done research and there are many things that fit my symptoms and I’m quite scared. If anyone has ANY answers or ideas PLEASE feel free to express them. Anything at this point will be greatly aprreciated and would help. Thanks to all for your time if you answer!

I don’t know what “treatment” you took for your bladder infection, but if you tried something over the counter, then you still have your infection.

You say that your “first time” wasn’t in a clean environment. That to me tells me that the guy that took your virginity isn’t the best of guys. He thought it was perfectly acceptable to have sex with you wherever. THAT tells me he is NOT a decent guy and has probably been around the block more than once.

I really suggest you talk to your mother. You NEED to see a gynecologist. There’s no way around this one.

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